Serving Royal Oak, Cadboro Bay, Saanich, Brentwood Bay, the Gulf Islands & Sidney.


Here at Hot Yoga Sidney, we make lifelong health and wellness the utmost fun by balancing a serious, rigorous workout with an upbeat, humor-inspired, caring environment. Our instructors are Yoga-alliance & Bikram / Ghosh trained.

As well as offering the original yoga sequence created by the Ghosh lineage, we have three restoratively taught 60 minute Yin classes, and one 60 minute Flow class.

Our spacious, airy, high ceiling'd yoga room with fibre flooring is an exceptional room to practise in. The entire studio is spotlessly maintained, scent-free, and we have ample free parking. We provide beautifully designed changing rooms with full and private shower facilities. 

A fully-stocked retail section is on-site with everything you need in the way of mats, towels, and both men's and women's clothing - come as you are or purchase here as you need. On your intro pass we'll lend you mat and towel at no charge and you can decide what to do later - rent or buy. 

Our instructors are the pillars of stability and strength that uphold our full schedule of 25 classes per week!  They are committed to being here no matter what and giving their all. As well as being invested in their own practice, they pursue ongoing training in order to better assist you on your yoga trip. Who's teaching? Open the front door, climb the stairs, prepare to meet your own truest teacher-you!


​A one time only offer

1 month unlimited yoga, with free mat and towel service included

We can't say this enough: once you have come this far and decided to start, be sure to maximize your intro. Use it!  This class is empirically proven by hundreds of thousands of people - you can prove it to yourself by committing to your intro and to an upgrading to a membership. Really give this a try.

Can you arrive 15 minutes early your first time to register? After which, five minutes early is all you need! If you are going to be a little late, call, and we will hold the door open for you. We understand that working something new into a busy life can be a challenge, and we will help you do that- as your life opens up to allow you your yoga practice, your time for you.

Nine Benefits of Hot Yoga

1. Fat Burning and Weight Loss: Yoga creates long and lean muscle tone, and also provides an excellent fat-burning cardio workout. The harder you work in class, the more calories you will burn. But don't worry if you're not already in shape! This exercise routine will meet you wherever you start, and will keep perfect pace with you as your capacities naturally expand over time. Plus, regular yoga practice balances the systems in your body and reduces cravings for the foods that work against you.
3. Stress Relief:
Your breathing patterns are directly related to your state of mind. Breathing normally and developing awareness of your breath in challenging situations will help you manage your stress levels. The yoga places a lot of emphasis on the breath, and we encourage you to explore and pay attention to the breathing cues given by your instructor. Embracing the time you spend in savassana (the last posture of class) is a great way to focus your mind on complete relaxation, and to help you cope when you are feeling stressed in everyday life.
5. Improved Clarity and Focus:
Set your intention every class to focus on the dialogue and your breath. As soon as you notice your mind has drifted off, simply bring it back to the present moment by focusing on your breathing and listening to the step-by-step instructions. The more you practice this, the more your focus will improve in everyday life. The asanas that place your head below your heart, ie Half Tortoise and separate leg stretching, increase blood circulation to the brain and helps bring your brain cells ‘out of the cold storage'.
7. Improved Circulation:
The heat helps blood flow throughout the body, strengthening the heart and bringing your body ‘out of cold storage'. It also aids in a process called vasodilation, which expands the blood vessels, flushing circulation to the body and helping with low blood pressure, sexual vitality, slowing the aging process, and overall health.
2. Increased Energy:
"Yoga class is a gas station, it gives you energy". Even though it's not unusual in the beginning to feel the odd dip in your energy level as your body begins to flush the toxins out of your system, this is actually a good sign that the systems of your body are coming back online and doing their job. After a few more classes you'll begin to feel the unlimited energy potential that is possible with a regular practice. Do your best to focus on your breathing. Increased oxygen intake equals increased energy. Yoga is known to balance the systems of your body, which will also result in increased energy. This is what happens when you tap into the incredible potential of yoga!
4. Increased Flexibility and Strength:
This class stretches and strengthens every single muscle in your body, even ones you didn't know you have! Work hard! In each posture, just try your best to listen carefully to the step-by-step instructions. They are brilliantly crafted to allow any beginner to get the maximum benefit possible at every stage in the practice. Increased flexibility and strength will naturally follow with your continuing attention and practice.
6. Healing of old Injuries and Chronic Pain:
The yoga uses a method called ‘the tourniquet effect'. Blood flow to certain points of the body is temporarily blocked off and upon release, healing, oxygenated blood flows through the body, nurturing the development of healthy cells and irrigating scar tissue and calcification of the joints. Old injuries naturally begin to feel better than ever, and chronic pain is diminished as you increase your flexibility and strength. As this oxygen-rich blood flows more and more regularly through all areas of the body, your need for painkillers will eventually disappear, and you will restore your body to its natural condition, as nature intended. 
8. Balancing of Every System of the Body:
The yoga ensures healthy and balanced functioning of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, elimination, respiratory, endocrine, and mental systems of the body. 
9. Benefits of the Heat:
Warms the muscles for greater flexibility; Helps achieve a deeper stretch; Flushes toxins from the body; Improves efficiency of the immune system; Creates a cardiovascular workout; Burns calories; Builds endurance. There are lots of other benefits that can come with a regular practice. Check out our Student Reviews section for the experiences of students at our studio.
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